Baton Brandy - Award Winning American Brandy
Baton Brandy

Baton Brandy

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  • Distilled from Grapes
  • Aged in Ex-Wine Barrels
  • Spirit shipments only available for WA & AZ
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Baton Brandy is our first and permanent in the line as our signature brandy.

Inspired by the relay race, the baton defines the transfer of knowledge from one generation to another.

The transfer of knowledge meant using 100% grapes and aged at our Washington distillery in shaved, toasted, and re-charred (STR) ex-wine barrels.

STR barrels are a unique process that utilizes re-using wine barrels, these barrels are gently shaved to get rid of some undesirable wine flavors and acid compounds.

Then they are toasted and re-charred over open flames in order to bring out vanilla notes overlaid with a delicate background of complex fruitiness. Utilizing STR barrels gives our brandy a beautiful profile that we can best describe as the perfect marriage of a wine and bourbon barrel. Aged for a minimum of two years, with no additives or colors.

Made with Meraki.


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Available for shipment ONLY for Washington & Arizona. Must be 21+ years old. Adult signature required.

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Base: Aged Brandy (2+ years)
Ingredients: Grape Brandy, Water.
TTB Class and Type: Brandy
Alcohol: 43% ALC./VOL.

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Locally Crafted

In Washington

We've always believed in the power of locally crafted spirits and wine. Made with Meraki is our motto here at Mastrogiannis.

Made With Meraki

The soul, creativity and love we put into everything we do.



The Rakomelo is my favorite of all the excellent distilled spirits created by Mastrogiannis Distillery.

Tacoma, WA

I find that the Mastrogiannis offerings are stunningly good, clean and full of flavor; you can really taste the grape, the earth.

Tacoma, WA

The premium quality of my favorite spirits which is his Grappa, his award winning Baton Brandy and of course not least his Ouzo and so well flavored Rakomelo.

Lakewood, WA