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Baton Brandy, brandy, distilling, fermentation -

It's usually a difficult topic for a distillery to talk about. But as the years pass we understood one thing very clearly: We are really good at making Grape Brandy, and more specifically barreled aged expressions.

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Baton Brandy -

In this second series, we will be talking a little more technical approach give you a little more details and pulling the curtain on what we do behind the scenes to create our award-winning Brandy!

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brandy, fermentation -

Distilling Grape Brandy is unlike any of the other spirits, not only you are bound to the same agriculture discussions as a winery but due to the high cost of farming, limited availability as grapes (they are harvested once a year) and percent of fermentable sugars it becomes a very interesting proposition for a distillery that wants to exclusively use grapes as part of their product line.

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distilling -

I own and operate a very small craft brandy distillery located in Lakewood, WA USA. My journey started in early 2015 when I was returning home from work and sitting at the bus, I was pondering what I would do next.

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marketing -

I will start by saying that, spirit competitions are important. They are important for smaller brands to gain visibility, they are important as sometimes the only thing other than a P&L statement a potential investor will look is the type of awards the brand or spirit received to make decisions. It can also help drive sales, think bar managers and sometimes even shift consumer behavior if the buzz is greater and catches mainstream media and of course it goes without saying that the product itself must be good as well.

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