Baton Brandy

The Best Brandy In Washington State

American Brandy Elevated

Made like a fine wine

We begin by making wine, using Riesling grapes from Washington and French Colombard grapes from California, fermented slow and at a low temperature.

Distilled in both column and pot stills

We distill in both column and pot stills designed to create a robust spirit, and to transform our fresh wine into flavorful brandy.

Aged like a wine

Exclusively using French ex-wine barrels to age our brandies, selected to accentuate and enhance the fruity characteristics of our brandy. Before bottling we mingle our barrels in small batches to achieve the Mastrogiannis signature flavor profile - balanced and fruity.

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Honey Infused
Aged in Wine Barrels
Fresh Grape Infused

Pass The Baton

Made with Meraki

Inspired by one man — Constantine Mastrogiannis

Mystery Bundles

Our currated spirit and wine mystery boxes
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Hazy Syrah Carajillo

Friday Cocktail

Hazy Syrah Carajillo

Just two ingredients

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Our Distillery & Winery

8016 Durango ST SW Unit B10 Lakewood, WA 98499

Open every Saturday 11am-4pm (by appointment)

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