Greek-Inspired Wine & Spirits

Made with Meraki

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Grapes = ❤️

Made with 100% Grapes

We love grapes. Growing up in Greece where winemaking and distilliation is part of life and one that helps connect generations.

Meraki into everything we do!

Our Meraki, the soul, creativity and love you put into something. The essence of yourself you put into your work. For us its simple, high quality spirits and wines.

Tribute to our Greek Heritage

From our flagship Baton Brandy, to our Rakomelo, Grappa, Ouzo, Mastiha and our Rosé. Our recipes and processes pay homage to our Greek roots.

Reviews = ❤️

I find that the Mastrogiannis offerings are stunningly good, clean and full of flavor; you can really taste the grape, the earth.


The Rakomelo is my favorite of all the excellent distilled spirits created by Mastrogiannis Distillery.


The premium quality of my favorite spirits which is his Grappa (greek moonshine), his award winning Baton Brandy and of course not least his Ouzo and so well flavored Rakomelo.