Mastrogiannis is a family-owned distillery and winery committed to world-class brandy and wine production. Inspired by the greatness of one man, Constantine Mastrogiannis, late father of owner and distiller Ilias Mastrogiannis.

Every decision made — from the vineyard to the bottle — reflects our commitment to his Meraki.

The Inspiration

Constantine (Kostas) Mastrogiannis — A mason turned winemaker.

My Dad at the family vineyard

Made with Meraki

My dad was a man of a few words, and if you had the opportunity to hear him talk he would often mention the word Meraki. He would sometimes just roar it when he was creating something, making wine, or simply roasting a lamb on the spit.

Merakia he would shout! With a big smile on his face!

Meraki or in plural Merakia does not have a clear definition in English, but its roughly translated as the soul, creative and love you put into everything you do regardless of the task at hand.

Meraki defines the inner proud that all of us have regardless of race, color or where we came from when we achieve or drive towards a goal, knowing it’s our best work yet!

My dad twenty years ago inherited some winemaking equipment from his dad, and his goal was simple. To make better wine than his dad. So he begun with purchasing grapes and all the necessary equipment to make quality wine.

Over the years his hobby grew, and at some point became an obsession with planting his own small block vineyard and making really good wine from both our own grapes and purchased grapes.

The idea to start a distillery and eventually a winery that will be using grapes as our base for everything was born, from that upbringing.

Quality ingredients, simple ingredients, ingredients that I'm proud to serve at my family table.

Our ethos and our motto is of the same: Meraki. The soul, creativity and love we put into everything we do, regardless of the task at hand.


Ilias & Bojana Mastrogiannis