Spirit Mystery Bundle

Spirit Mystery Bundle

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Embark on an extraordinary journey of spirit discovery with our Spirits Mystery Bundle —  a quarterly indulgence meticulously curated to elevate your libation experience. Each bundle features a trio of exceptional spirits: our Rakomelo Brandy, the aromatic Hazy Syrah Brandy infused with fresh Washington Syrah grapes, and the sophisticated Baton Brandy, aged to perfection in fine barrels. As a special treat, each shipment also includes a surprise Mystery Bottle, adding an extra layer of excitement to your curated selection. 

What's Inside:

  1. Rakomelo Brandy: Immerse yourself in the warmth and richness of our Rakomelo Brandy—a finely crafted elixir infused with honey, delivering a harmonious blend of smooth brandy and the sweetness of pure, golden nectar.
  2. Hazy Syrah Brandy: Savor the essence of Washington Syrah grapes in our Hazy Syrah Brandy. This unique infusion captures the vibrant flavors of fresh grapes, resulting in a brandy that is both aromatic and delightfully nuanced.
  3. Baton Brandy: Experience the sophistication of our Baton Brandy, meticulously aged in fine ex-wine barrels to perfection. Revel in the complex layers of flavor, as the brandy gracefully absorbs the character of the oak, creating a velvety and refined spirit.
  4. Surprise Mystery Bottle: Elevate your spirits adventure with an additional element of mystery. Each shipment includes a surprise Mystery Bottle, personally selected by our distiller Ilias, ensuring a delightful discovery with every delivery.

Subscription Benefits:

  • Free Shipping: Receive complimentary shipping on all of our mystery bundles.
  • Quarterly Delight: Immerse yourself in a curated journey of exploration and refinement, as each quarter brings a new trio of exceptional spirits and a mystery bottle.
  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy privileged access to our signature brandies—Rakomelo, Hazy Syrah, and Baton—as well as the thrill of uncovering unique mystery spirits or wine in each shipment.
  • 20% Discount: As a valued subscriber, revel in a 20% discount on each quarterly bundle, making this luxurious spirits experience both delightful and cost-effective.
  • Convenience: Bid farewell to the guesswork of spirit selection. Let our expert curation bring the finest brandies and mystery spirits directly to your doorstep.
  • Flexibility: Modify or pause your subscription at any time to align with your preferences and schedule.

Elevate your spirits experience, support quality craftsmanship, and enjoy the privilege of exceptional brandies and mystery spirits at an exclusive 20% discount when you subscribe. Cheers to the extraordinary!

Available for shipment ONLY for Washington state residents. Must be 21+ years old. Adult signature required.

Bundles receive free shipping.

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Locally Crafted

In Washington

We've always believed in the power of locally crafted spirits and wine. Made with Meraki is our motto here at Mastrogiannis.

Made With Meraki

The soul, creativity and love we put into everything we do.



The Rakomelo is my favorite of all the excellent distilled spirits created by Mastrogiannis Distillery.

Tacoma, WA

I find that the Mastrogiannis offerings are stunningly good, clean and full of flavor; you can really taste the grape, the earth.

Tacoma, WA

The premium quality of my favorite spirits which is his Grappa, his award winning Baton Brandy and of course not least his Ouzo and so well flavored Rakomelo.

Lakewood, WA

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