Distillery Nation Podcast #45 - Eastside Distilling

Distillery Nation Podcast #45 - Eastside Distilling

In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Mel Heim. Mel is the VP of Operations, distiller and blender for Eastside Distilling located in Portland Oregon. They are famous for the vodka, series of whiskeys and rum. In this episode we talked about putting a plan around your SKUs and sales of those SKUs, early days of making Rum, the canning operation side of the business for the Ready to Drink (RTDs), and of course how awesome is to have a publicly-traded distillery that you can actually look at numbers and how is the company thinking of its future. Of course, favorite books and how Mel got into distilling.

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Book: The Compleat Distiller (Affiliate)

Book: Sensory and Instrumental Evaluation of Alcoholic Beverages (Affiliate)

Book: Craft of Whiskey Distilling (Affiliate)

Book: Rum, The Complete Guide (Affiliate)

Book: Short Course in Rum (Affiliate)

Book: Celebritize Yourself (Affiliate)

Book: Whisky, The Manual (Affiliate)

Book: The Alcohol Textbook (Affiliate)

Book: Leap Frog – Nathalie Molina Nino (Affiliate)

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Advice from Mel - Build a good plan and use data for your decisions!


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