Distillery Nation Podcast #28 - Two Year Anniversary

Distillery Nation Podcast #28 - Two Year Anniversary

September 15, 2015, marks when I first released the first few episodes. The goal was simply to document and share what it takes to open a small craft distillery. The podcast idea started a few months earlier when I was very serious about starting a distillery to produce Grappa. After a few conversations with fellow podcasters, I decided it was time to do an interview-style podcast where I try to answer as many questions that not only helps the audience but myself in 35 minutes or less.

So since last year, we added 11 interviews as I release a new episode every month and it was also my first year in production with the distillery. We crushed 4 tons of grapes for some brandy, and processed another 8 tons of pomace for grappa, also processed slightly over 1000 gallons of wine that turned into Ouzo so overall small but steady.

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Genio Still

Lab Still (1000 ML)

Scales for proofing (NTEP approved for TTB)

Advice from my Ilias - Be patient and continue putting in the work!


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