Rakomelo Aperol Spritz

Rakomelo Aperol Spritz

Rakomelo, such a versatile spirit. We originally crafted it as a way to show case this delicious honey brandy as a way to be enjoyed on its own.

But the more we use it in cocktails the more it showcasing its capabilities and this is another cocktail recipe that you will love. Rakomelo Aperol Spritz, hands down the most delicious and refreshing spritz you have tried. The honey, grape spirit with the orange-flavored Aperol, bubbles, and dryness from the Prosecco and club soda is a perfect match.

Trust me, you will have a couple of these!


Yield: serves 1



  1. Build Rakomelo, Aperol, prosecco, and club soda in a wine glass over ice. Garnish with fresh orange slices in the glass.