Mastrogiannis Rakomelo

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Mastrogiannis Rakomelo is a brandy liqueur that is derived from a grape distillate. We then infuse it with local Washington wildflower honey, real (Ceylon) cinnamon, and a touch of cloves. The recipe came from the island of Crete in Greece which Rakomelo is considered a staple during the winter, and summer months.

During the winter, the drink a.k.a “The Flu Shot” as we like to call it is drunk warm, and when those summer hot months come we chill it down or serve it over ice with a fresh orange peel! Just enough sweetness and balance from the cinnamon and cloves, it’s a crowd-pleasing drink that you can serve all year round!

We are proud to bring this original Greek recipe to the United States and being the only distillery that produces and bottles it right here using local ingredients with zero artificial flavors using an old-school technique and recipe.

Meraki into everything we do!




Technical details

Base: Grape Distillate
Ingredients: Washington Wildflower Honey, Grape Distillate, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Cloves 
TTB Class and Type: Distilled Spirits Specialty  
Alcohol: ~30-36% ALC./VOL. (varies by batch) 


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