Hazy Lemon

Hazy Lemon

For our first-ever cocktail made with our Hazy Syrah Brandy, we kept things simple, and although I highly recommend trying it over ice first so you can taste the beautiful flavor profile that fresh grapes and brandy give you, we opted to give this cocktail a simple fizz by fixing Fentimans Victorian lemonade with the brandy.

Simple, light, and refreshing, this could easily be our favorite summer cocktail!

Yield: serves 1


  • 2 oz Hazy Syrah Brandy
  • 3-4 oz Fentimans Lemonade (or any other bitter lemonade cocktail mixer)
  • Orange wedge or peel for garnish.


  1. Place all ingredients in a glass over ice, stir and enjoy. Garnish with an orange wedge or peel.