Dark Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini

Dark Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini

A great way to start the night is with a delicious espresso martini. And although there is nothing wrong with a good classic, we like to change up the recipes once in a while.

The Rakomelo Dark Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini, is a delicious twist, using Grand Marnier and shaved dark orange chocolate for garnish took this cocktail to the next level.

With its intense coffee and orange chocolate flavors, this is a great cocktail for coffee lovers!

Yield: serves 1


  • 1 oz Rakomelo Brandy
  • 1 oz fresh espresso
  • 1 oz cold brew coffee liquer
  • 1 oz Grand Marnier


  1. In a shaker combine all ingredients, preferably over large ice cubes to prevent them from being overly diluted. Shake well, and double strain into your favorite coupe glass. Garnish with shaved dark orange chocolate and three coffee beans.