Hazy Syrah Brandy

A Unique Washington State Brandy with a Hazy Twist

After the successful release of our Vermouth, which was our first product that combined both raw materials and processes between our two businesses, the winery and distillery to produce something really delicious.

It got us thinking what are some of the other areas where we can apply the same principles and innovate with a new and unique product.

And we started with the love for Syrah grapes. Syrah is the base for our Rosé for Cure wine and we wanted to continue to experiment with this beautiful Washington grown grape, that path led us to create Hazy Syrah Brandy.

Hazy Syrah is a brandy unlike anything you have tasted before, crafted with fresh Washington Syrah grapes and three-year-old aged brandy, by infusing fresh unfermented grapes with high proof aged brandy.

The high alcohol in the brandy stops the natural fermentation of the grapes, while borrowing all the delicious flavors, sweetness, and color from the Syrah grapes.

The result is smooth blend that has a deep purple color bottled at 43% ABV, with no additional additives, colors, or sugars.

The name Hazy was inspired by the fact that this product allowed us to blur the lines between our businesses to create something really special, it also applies to the actual product as the Syrah infused brandy is a bit hazy, when viewed in a glass under light.