Mastrogiannis Rakomelo
Mastrogiannis Rakomelo

Mastrogiannis Rakomelo

Mastrogiannis Rakomelo is an apple brandy liqueur that is derived from our unaged apple brandy. To make our apple base, we bring in apple juice from the great NorthWest, after fermentation is completed we infuse our unaged apple brandy with local Washington wildflower honey, real (Ceylon) cinnamon and a touch of cloves. The recipe came from the island of Crete in Greece which Rakomelo is considered a staple during winter, and summer months.

During the winter, the drink a.k.a “The Flu Shot” as we like to call it is drunk warm, and when those summer hot months come we chill it down and sip it after dinner or with coffee and pretty much anything in between.

We are proud to bring this original recipe in the United States and being the only distillery that produces and bottles it right here using local ingredients with zero artificial flavors using an old school technique and recipe.

We chose to use the original name of the spirit to carry the legacy forward, Rakomelo translates in English to Rako = Grappa and Melo = Honey.

Technical details

Base: Apple brandy
Ingredients: Honey, Brandy, Cinnamon and Cloves
TTB Class and Type: Apple Brandy Liqueur
Alcohol: 30% ALC./VOL.

-ilias mastrogiannis