Distillery Nation Podcast #33 - The Professor
The Professor


Distillery Nation Podcast #33 - The Professor

In this episode we sat down and chat with Paul Hughes a professor of distilling from Oregon State University

In this episode of the Distillery Nation podcast we chat with Paul Hughes. Paul holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry, an expert in beer and distillery operation specifically around taste, botanical flavors and performance along with accelerated methods of maturation. We discuss everything from botanical flavors and compounds to fermentation and enzymes to maturation of spirits, favorite books and advice for small distilleries.

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Book #1: Beer: Quality, Safety and Nutritional Aspects (Paul’s Book) (Affiliate)

Book #2: Economic Microbiology: Alcoholic Beverages volume 1 (Affiliate)

Book #2: Fundamentals of Distilling Practice (Affiliate)

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Advice from Paul - Look at all aspects of distilling!

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