Distillery Management Application


The project started well over three years ago. Inspired by talking about the frustrations of starting a distillery over beers in my backyard with a good friend.

That initial idea was a flow meter to measure the output of my still so I can accurately record my TTB reports. And after a few meetings, we realized that measurement is not the biggest problem in the process. The real pain was in originating TTB reports so it made more sense to develop a software application that will track and create an audit trail from start to finish and leave the hardware development behind. The goal of the application was to have the ability to produce the Production, Storage and Processing reports that TTB requires on a monthly basis.

My need grew into a realization that may others have the same problem.

We had a successful beta group of distilleries test and use the application, but quickly realized that it would require a lot more resources to support and keep up with new features.

That realization resulted in making some hard decisions and ultimately making the call to Open Source the application under the AGPL license, with the idea that we can build this as a community with everyone benefiting and no more monopolies.

The application is currently Open Sourced and hosted on GitHub (here) for anyone to use, modify, host and even make profit from it.

But I continue to host it and use it on a daily basis for my distillery, and thought to also continue helping any distillery that needs this type of software. 

So if you are interested in using the application for your distillery, fill out the form and we will be in touch!