Mastrogiannis Grappa

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Mastrogiannis Grappa is a single origin grape brandy from selected grape varieties. We primarily use the grapes that we distill into our brandies, which means most of the time its Riesling, but we are also experimenting with grapes that are not common for Grappa production.

We use no sugar to referment, what this means is you get a pure grappa from the pomace (the skins and seeds) of the grape varietal we are using, double distilled, non-chill filtered and proofed at 43% ABV, with nothing else added so you get to taste the terroir of the grapes.


Our Grappa is a tribute to my dad, old-school techniques, full flavor and what started the distillery as the initial product. We are very proud to offer a domestic grappa (or Tsipouro in Greek) that is without additional additives or flavorings.


Meraki into everything we do!

Technical details

Base: Grape pomace copper pot distilled just twice. 
Ingredients: Water, grape pomace. 
TTB Class and Type: Brandy 
Alcohol: 43% ALC./VOL.


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