Mastrogiannis Baton Brandy

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Mastrogiannis Baton Brandy is our first and permanent in the line as our signature brandy.

Inspired by the relay race, the baton defines the transfer of knowledge from one generation to another.

The transfer of knowledge meant using 100% Washington Riesling grapes.

We crush, ferment, pot-distilled, and age in Washington red wine barrels for a minimum of two years. We add no color, flavors, or additives. The pure grape distillate, oak wine barrels, and time.

Aging in Washington wine red barrels gives our brandy a very distinctive red hue, which is the extraction of red wine as the brandy ages, we also get additional red fruit flavors making our Baton brandy, easy to drink on its own or ready to craft a great Manhattan.

Handcrafted with attention to detail, it is how American Brandy supposed to taste, distilled by a Greek one batch at a time.

Meraki into everything we do!



Technical details

Base: Washington Riesling Grape Brandy 
Ingredients: Grape Brandy, Water, and Time.
TTB Class and Type: Brandy 
Alcohol: 43% ALC./VOL.

Available for shipment ONLY for Washington state residents. Must be 21+ years old. Adult signature required.