Mastrogiannis Baco No 1 Brandy

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Mastrogiannis Baco No 1 Brandy started in early 2017. We were in search of a Washington wine grape that had naturally high acidity, but also the capabilities of producing a world-class brandy. 

That’s when we got introduced to Chris. A cool climate Pacific Northwest vineyard owner and farmer. Chris owns and operates Millennium vineyard a 14-acre cool climate vineyard just outside of the Puget Sound AVA and about 50 miles from our distillery, and grower of Baco.

Baco Noir's roots began in the late 1800s with French researcher Francois Baco, who developed this phylloxera-resistant variety by crossing a high-acid French white grape — Folle Blanche (one of the original brandy grapes) with an American red variety called Grand Glabre and named that hybrid grape Baco No.1

The resulting distillate is from 100% Baco Noir which produced an amazing brandy with spicy undertones, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Aged in ex-wine, sherry/American single malt, and barleywine barrels for a minimum of three years, with no additives or colors.

We are very honored to be one of the first distilleries that offer this original old-school brandy grape into a modern expression that showcases the true style and craft of what American Brandy suppose to be.



Technical details

Base: Washington Baco Noir
Ingredients: Grape Brandy, and Time.
TTB Class and Type: Brandy 
Alcohol: 50% ALC./VOL.