Our humble beginnings

The Mastrogiannis Story

A rocky start

I clearly remember the day, time and where the idea came to me. It was a Wednesday night heading home to my family on the bus when I was pondering what is next, I wanted to start something that is truly greater than me and can have the potential to leave a legacy behind.

Then my parents came into the picture, both self-employed all their lives. My mom a farmer, my dad a mason. We were poor but my parents made sure we were not hungry and provided everything for us to succeed in our lives.

My dad twenty years ago, started making wine as a hobby, the hobby grew and became one of our main sources of income. The small wine business along with my parents saving habits helped put me and my brother through four years of college. During that day at the bus the idea to start and lead the family name forward was through a distillery that uses wine as our base for everything.

A tribute to the “Meraki” as my dad says it helped us move to the next chapter in our lives.

A distillery is born

Many attempts to find a suitable location, a failed contract distilling opportunity, purchase equipment, sell my house and creating my first batch. Mastrogiannis Distillery did its first batch of Ouzo from a red wine base on September 2016 armed with five botanicals we moved to Grappa and Brandy where over the next few months we released our single origin Grappa and Immature Brandy.